Product branding and development

To ensure client interaction, company growth and continued interest. Branding must be carried through in the content and method in which its presented.

University of you logo design

Brand impact and the importance of how the message is received, in this case the “The Medium is the Message”, celebrated and taught by a Canadian Philosopher teacher Marshall McLuhan. This logo was designed with the understanding that the content promotes the brand.

University of You work books

It is so challenging to engage people, creating well designed, easy to use work books provides our client clients with products that will enable them to reference in their business and life journey. Service provided: graphic design, content presentation and digital printing.

University of you Website development

Your business model starts here! Your product, the layout, links and back links from social media to your payment portal should always be simple and easy to use. Please preview their website: https://universityofyou.ca

University of you Post Sale products

Leaving a positive lasting memory is important not only to promote the value of the product but to ensure repeat business. Accolade’s and promotional items are guaranteed to provide a lasting memory.

University of you blog content development

Providing content specifically targeted to your audience along with specific blog self promos adds value. It becomes a resource center for new trends, methods and ideology. Stay informed!

University of You email marketing

Marketing campaigns that are database driven to a select audience will allow for a higher open rate than sending to a broad unexpected audience. INQUIRE how mail marketing and social media tie up all loose ends.

Business card design

The balance and the weight of the color have to be just right, there's a reason for white space versus the content and what you want your receiver to feel when receiving a beautifully designed card.

Social media and SEO

If you’re not connected on social media platforms where your audience hangs out you're simply missing possible client engagement. Delivery of content, follow up on the audience, maintaining an active presence as well as a smart SEO program will position your brand readily and accordingly within the world wide web Social media tools used by the University of You: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well as an SEO program.