Check out some of our frequently asked questions by our potential clients and see if your questions are already answered here.
Can I do all my own design work in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher?
This is fine if you have a vision that you would like to share, it can be counter productive to attempt to design your own company collateral or website. A good graphic design agency will have professional experienced personnel that will think beyond the job in hand and offer an objective view on the project. The objective is to develop a concept for every job, not just produce something graphically interesting. Microsoft Word and Publisher are also not user-friendly for printers except for use of your personal desktop printer, we ensure that every file will be prepared for the desired medium.
Where do we start and how do you involve your clients in the design process?
We start by discussing the details of the project with the client. We encourage the client to contribute ideas and samples of items and colors that are liked and equally important is to understand concepts that the client doesn’t like. When we are satisfied we have enough information to work with, we will begin the project by researching ideas, considering concepts and then laying out design visuals, these will be forwarded to the client for feedback. We listen carefully to our clients feedback and make the necessary changes to the layouts and offer advice on why we arrived at the design conclusions submitted. This process continues until the design naturally evolves into its final form.
Do you provide a complete service such as design plus artwork and finally printing of a project?

We offer a full turnkey solution from design, artwork, print and delivery. This could include print management and calling from stock, transitioning print material for electronic delivery, website, trade work the list is endless.

How long will it take to finish my graphic design project?

Your project could easily be completed sooner or take even longer depending on the complexity and number of revisions you require. Additionally, how quickly you respond to requests, supply us content, and approve each step of your new graphic design project will factor into the amount of time it will take to complete.

How much do you charge?
There is no straight answer to this, design services are not so easy to estimate as requirement varies for each and every project.

We have two types of billing depending on your design job :

– Net Price – per-project price, pre-determined at the start of the project or

– Hourly rated – billed according to the time.
Clients are given an approximate estimation or the client can simply provide a budget in which has been allotted for the project
We do not wish to disappoint anyone with extra expense. It is our policy to be transparent with our clients with all costs itemized prior to the start of any project. Any changes and adjustments are then made and agreed upon by both sides before embarking on any work.