Understanding the audience allows us to develop visuals that reflect the intention of the product.

Label Design & 3D Graphics

This was challenging, The hard part wasn’t coming up with a concept to incorporate a beet as part of the brand. The label design and the 3D rendering. The hard part was delivery it in 2 days.

Trade Show Booth

The objective was to create a 10 foot booth with a stand, the directives were very simple. The client wanted a minimum of information and was very specific about the content. Our job, “was to make it standout!” (Note: when attending trade shows the average booth size is 10 x 10 unless you’re a big brand)

Label Design & Flexo Printing

We have been delivering “Beyond the design” for years. What we mean is that we take all our projects from concept to completion. Our team is highly experienced in print pre-press and printing, this particular job was run as a flexo job with a high gloss UV finish. It was delivered to the nutraceutical manufacturer so that they can package the finished product for final delivery.

Social Media

Developing the social media accountsis an absolute must, because the key to building an audience is creating a network. Plan a strategy and pushing it through 1 day at a time build brands awareness. Investing a small amount in social media is highly recommended.

Point of Purchase (POP) Signage

Often times when launching your brand in a store your client expects you to be there to promote the product and teach their team the benefits and value. Having a simple POP sign that comes in its own traveling case with flyers is often times the best solution.

Sharp Graphics!

The client arrived with his logo and said here is the information that goes on the label, “Just make it look great was the request!” So we did and created a very clean and smart design.