Graphics Design, Website development, Marketing Initiatives and printing

Understanding the audience allows us to develop visuals that
reflect the intention of the product.

Responsive E-Commerce website

With the market place changing and more products being sold online, our mandate was to create a simple easy to use site where the sales reps would be able to use as a tool and showcase the products during a sales call, and for the client to have complete details on hand and the ability to order if they wanted to.

Business Card

Keeping it simple was the rule and the request. Our client indicated that it was important to keep it very clean. This card was printed offset with mat lamination, delivered the thickness was 16pt. Once the design was approved, we then proceeded to design all the stationary, and marketing material.

Photo Manipulation

Taking existing photos from the client and enhancing them by having our skilled staff create a new background, retouch the image and add the company logo. The goal is to make the image look like it has never been manipulated.