Product branding and development

Understanding the audience allows us to develop visuals that reflect the intention of the product.

Banner Stand

The banner stand was designed to grab instant attention when walking into a book store, church or Sunday school. The question we want to answer is “how to grab the attention of the parents, grandparents and children?” the answer was to showcase the characters and the program “MAKING THE BIBLE COME ALIVE” We knew that if this would poke their curiosity they would then read the content.

Graphics and Design

The request was simple, the client basically asked us to get his project and his idea out of the starting gates. AND WE DID! We carefully brought our clients idea to life one small step at a time. Building the characters, adding background and content then turning them into a tangible product. The journey building this project was a true blessing.

Packaging Design

Product Packaging comes in all forms, bottles, bags and containers. The important thing to remember is the medium in which you deliver your design or project it must represent the best possible solution for the target audience. In this case, creating a card game for children while introducing them to Biblical characters.

Design and Layout

The right image, color, balance and harmony in the design will always result in a great presentation.

Animated video

When your market learns best from visual triggers, a simple animated video presentation will always do the trick. Take a look at this explainer video, its still in the making but it shows how a website compliments the cards and adds value.

PAOC-Kidz Website

When designing a website dedicated to the little people in our lives, our children. We must make UI and UX experience memorable for them We designed the pages built with color and many clickable elements. built the site learning content and creative ideas, projects for the children to experience. Why don’t you take the journey and visit the site www.makingthebiblecomealive.com


Advertising to children is not recommended, our advertising was specific to parents and grandparents. Allowing them to see the value of this marvelous teaching tool.

Donation Envelopes

If you are part of an association that accept donations, why not provide an envelope so that the you doner can be equally blessed with a tax receipt. Governments encourage support for your favorite charities. Contact us for envelope printing our prices are very competitive.

Social Media

It’s a must! If you're not on some sort of social media channel you’re losing out on communicating your message to a much larger community. Let’s discover which social media channel works best for you and design the best content for that medium.

Folding Note Card

Did you know that quality printing is and has been our core business for the last 38 years? Well now you do, all the products you see in our portfolio were done by our expert printing team and partners. If you have a project in mind ask us for a quote, we will be happy to provide you with our best pricing. The below card was designed and printed with the purpose that someone might like to write a note when giving the cards as a gift.

Business Card

A business card does not need to be the standard 3.5 x 2 inches we are all familiar with. We can design a creative looking card that has been designed in a unique size. This particular card was 2.5 x 2.5 inches with matt lamination that created a 16pt thickness.