Printing, Web and Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing

Perception. How you present your product or service dictacts the value, just ask your clients.

Tri-fold Collateral Graphics and Printing

Tell your story and make sure there are key trigger points that keep your reading interested and promote what you are selling. What we did to complement their product was to use the proper paper, ink, and finishing which was most important because the client is selling a sustainable clean solution, We, therefore, printed on a white recycled paper using AQ water-based gloss varnish, the result was perfect.


For the business card, we needed something that was a lot more sturdy the solution was to add a matt lamination which created a card that had a 16pt thickness.

Videography and Editing

A Marvelux Mannequin product is not always understood by their prospective clients, in order for the clients to clearly see the value of the product a video was created to demonstrate the attention to detail. The video has been linked to your revision and enjoyment.

Product Development

Often times our clients require our assistance in the actual product development, our team of highly trained individuals can provide multiple solutions, From 3D rendering, augmented reality to demonstrate and allow for a unique UI and UX experience or simply to prepare for mold construction.

Web Development and SEO

What are you looking for when searching the internet for products? Is it information, maybe you want to purchase the product or do you have questions and need some answers? Building a site that reaches your prospective clientele is what you should be aiming for. Allow us to help us with content optimization as well as your SEO (Ask us how!)

Trade show displays

How do you present your products when at an exhibition? Our founder and CEO, Brian Olton has attended, exhibited and help clients present their brands at multiple trade shows. In fact that number is in access of 300 events, but why that number is so important is because knowing how to properly showcase your products will come solely with experience. Showcasing and strategizing for a trade show demands trial and error, having this experience indeed allowed us the appropriate skill to develop your showcase whether it be live or virtual.

Create the buzz!

Social media allows you to share, connect, and inform your existing and potential audience. It is up to you to engage your audience clearly give them a specific message on why they should do business with you.


Maintain the image, these days most people say that it is not necessary to print anymore. My belief is completely different because most people are communicating digitally. So a well-placed printed letter in a really smart looking envelope allows your prospects and clients to see you from a different perspective.


Some clients still want to receive your physical catalog but you know that printing 500, 1000 or 10,000 catalogs could cost a huge amount of money. You now can order small quantities of catalogs, ask one of our agents how this works and we’ll get you started on our print-on-Demand program.

Beacon Technology

You can create a virtual experience for your clients, we offer in-store experiences through Beacon and Augmented technology when we bring your displays and products to life. (Ask us how!)