Gamer's Potions


Understanding the audience allows us to develop visuals that reflect the intention of the product.

Card Design

Our clients' clientele was very specific, they were targeting the gamers. We created a business card that would appeal to the visuals they most commonly see online.

Graphics and Web Design

Probably 9 out of 10 clients commission us to create their complete package, starting with the logo then on to developing the product or service and finally showcasing through web and social media. The process is a lot more than pretty picture and art there is a complete process that takes place from content optimization and development to a strong UI/UX experience. Contact us, we’ll tell you more.

Connecting to the audience

You guessed it, social media is our direct connection to this audience, actually in this case it was the only way we were able to connect. We quickly learned that the desired channel of communication was using chat/DM and Instagram for this clients customers.

Handouts and customer development strategies

Besides having a stand at events we handed out information cards that offered giveaways, discounts and instructions to an online contest. Drawing the clientele to your network can be a long process but these cards increase the actual time the clientele spent reading the content and then connecting.

POP’s and Visual Aids

When you're at an event visuals and POP’s are probably the most important tool you will be using. Most people glance from a distance if they see something that remotely attracts them they may come over to investigate.

Label Design

The Gamers label design was meant to inspire a healthy substitute for powdered drinks that are filled with ingredients that can be harmful when consumed in large amounts. Gamers often times spend in excess of 8 hours playing online games and it was vital to show a healthy substitute that provided a pick me up feeling.

Flexo Printing

The best way to produce labels is flexo, demonstrated in this picture is the run that was done with Fokus, a powdered drink manufactured for Gamer’s potion.

Real People, Real Choices

Gamer’s Potion powdered drinks were designed from the product outward. We made sure that this imacted the senses in all the right ways, Taste of the product, the smell and the visual of the container because at gamers their clientele came in a shapes.